Our Purpose

Casa de Juda was founded to leverage the personal experience of its founder, Ovadiah (Serg), which decided to make it public his passion in combining technological tools to help less privileged people to be clothed during the winter season, assisting those who aren’t sure of their real identity by providing genealogical services as well as DNA testing to uncover paternity and maternity claims, as well as leveraging natural disaster prediction models to bring awareness to those populations residing in risky areas.



  • To encourage, to protect, and to sustain small communities through enhancing their economic circumstances, providing people with access to education and job training as well as other goods and services, including disaster relief when necessary, and enhancing their access to other products and services, coordinating initiatives for the collection, donation, and distribution of secondhand clothing, furniture, appliances, shoes, winter clothing, and other relevant items to the less fortunate people in our inner cities, including immigrant detention centers and shelters;
  • To educate and equip economically disadvantaged populations with the skills necessary to navigate the technological world of the twenty-first century;
  • To provide specialized work skills training in accordance with their location and the needs of the labor market; including transportation services;
  • To offer third-party DNA testing tools, and genealogy services in order to establish their ancestry, supporting the verification of paternity and maternity claims, as well as to discover potential health conditions inherited from their family’s genetic makeup;
  • To identify and categorize areas that could experience disasters, such as floodplains and other regions that pose natural geological risks, and to inform the people that live there;
  • To distribute disaster assistance supplies to the area’s impacted communities.


Empowering People

Enabling with Tools to Live a Better Life

Restoring Lost Dreams 


By providing advanced technologies, gadgets, techniques that allows innovation to be a major focus for each one of our programs and operations.


Advocate, preserve and sustain small communities by improving their economic conditions, empowering individuals with education, job training as well as other goods and services, including disaster relief when needed. Learn More

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