some of our activities


“Coordinating efforts in the collection, donation and distribution of used clothing, shoes and winter gear to the less privileged population in our inner cities, as well as inside our immigrant detention centers across the nation.”

disaster relief

“Deploying disaster relief kits made of non-perishable food and clothing to the local affected communities;

Mapping and cataloguing potential disaster areas, such as flooding prone zones and other natural geological risks, and educating populations located in such areas.”

dna testing & genealogical services

“Providing third-party DNA testing tools and genealogical services in order to establish their origins, helping to confirm paternity and maternity claims, as well as to identify possible health diseases inherited from their family genetics.”

job skills training

“Delivering tailored job skills training according to their geography and labor marketplace demands;

Training economic challenged communities on how to use technology and empowering them on how to survive in the 21st century labor landscape;”